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YoSYS is an IT services based company. We are a team of IT professionals with diverse strengths in Quality Assurance, Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development and Responsive Designing. Our combined IT experience of 60 plus years makes us a worthy partner for enterprises that are gearing up to join the digital bandwagon

From startups with business ideas with large corporations with sophisticated business models, We help all kinds of enterprises improve their business efficiency with digital tools and solutions.

We started small by helping startups and small enterprises scale big with the help of handpicked technologies. Today, our portfolio consists of small and medium businesses to global enterprises who are counted as pioneers in their respective industries.

Our Services

No matter how big you are, public or private, startup, Non-profit or any industry segment you belong to we can help build your ideas into smarter products.

Our Unique Selling Propositions

Industry Expertise

From heavy-duty manufacturing to taste-conscious fashion, we possess breadth of experience in diverse range of industries.

Business Impact

Yosys helps reinvent the way your business functions with innovative business models.

Customer Centricity

We think from the shoes of your customers to devise customer journeys and product workflows that will deliver measurable business value.

Purpose-Driven Digitization

We probe questions of what, why, how and when before initiating every digital project.